Dayak Open

The Dayak Open is an International Tennis Federation accredited tournament that takes place annually at the National Stadium Complex in Abuja. The event is also classified as a $25,000 ITF Men’s World Tour tournament.

It is the 2nd of the 3 consecutive ITF World Tour Tournaments currently taking place in Abuja every year.

It started of in 2016 as a 2 week long tournament, with each week offering 35 ATP points for the 2 winners. With the Reviewed changes by the ITF, as from 2019 the winner will now earn just 5 ATP points.

There are only 2 Categories at the Dayak Open which are the Men’s Singles and the Men’s Doubles. The prize money of $25,000 is shared between participants from the 1st Round of Qualifying to the Emerging Winner. The winners goes home with about $3000 for his efforts.