21-year-old Hugo Largo returns to Abuja to compete at the Tombim Abuja Open for the third straight year, and will take on India’s Arjun Kadhe in the first round on Wednesday. But before even stepping on court, the young Spaniard has already won hearts with a nice gesture in the capital city.

Largo gave out racket strings to little kids, who are taking up the sport, at the National Tennis Centre in Abuja. The gesture, which was appreciated by everyone present, including the President of the Nigeria Tennis Federation, was borne out of a desire to help the kids, who are showing great passion for the game, keep up their play.

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NTF President, Dayo Akindoju, in a chat with Hugo Largo.

“I came in last two years and the little kids always ask for strings, not for money, not for any other thing,” said Largo. “And I realized that it’s difficult for them to get strings and it’s very expensive here. So, I decided that since I like tennis, it’s very nice to see little kids in this country have passion to play tennis.”

“So, I decided to buy a few strings from Spain. It’s a bit cheaper there, so I’m happy to help them continue playing tennis.”

Two years is probably a long time, but the Spaniard says he has always had the kids in mind because the tournament itself means a lot to him because of the great treatment given to players who come to compete.

“I really like this tournament,” the 21-year-old revealed. “From the 1st year I got my 1st ATP point here, it’s very special, this tournament. I feel at home. It’s not easy to make European players to feel good here, it’s very hot, but you [organizers] manage to do this.”

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The NTF President and Largo share a moment.

Largo came into the main draw via the qualifying rounds, where he had a double bye. Now, he is aiming for a good run and then, a bit of luck, of course.

“To play the best I can and to be a bit lucky in the draw,” he said of his aim here.

Hugo Largo will take on Arjun Kadhe of India in the first round on Wednesday.