The 14th CBN Junior Championship came to an end last Sunday after a week of premium Tennis from the game’s future stars.

We recount the best moments of the final day as captured by our roaming lens.

Photo Credit: Chris Onah

IMG 20201011 WA0071

Seun Oguunsakin: How good is your net game?  Idris Mohammed: Not bad after all.

IMG 20201011 WA0055

Seyi Ogunsakin receiving his trophy.

IMG 20201011 WA0076 2

Mohammed Idris gets his trophy.

IMG 20201011 WA0054

David Ekpenyong hits it well, doesn’t he?

IMG 20201011 WA0066 1

No love lost!   Joshua Maxwell congratulates David Ekpenyong at the net.

IMG 20201011 WA0077

David Ekpenyong all smiles while receiving his trophy.

IMG 20201011 WA0070 1

Blessing Otu has got some powerful hit.

IMG 20201011 WA0083 1

Hey Mary Udoffa, you are the champion.

IMG 20201011 WA0093 2

Mary Udoffa receives her trophy.

IMG 20201011 WA0084 1

Mary Udoffa and Blessing Otu with their trophies.

IMG 20201011 WA0053

Not today…David Edwards looks dejected after injury forced him to retire against Seyi Ogunsakin.

IMG 20201011 WA0073 1

David Edwards and Seyi Ogunsakin display their trophies.

IMG 20201011 WA0050 1

Mohammed Idris keeps it simple and precise.

IMG 20201011 WA0088 1

Ganiyu Mubarak receives his trophy.

IMG 20201011 WA0062

Not every time would you see two brothers winning on the same day.  The Ogunsakins did it!

IMG 20201011 WA0063

Amarachi Ezeh in action.

IMG 20201011 WA0086 1

Nene Yakubu gets her winner trophy

IMG 20201011 WA0072 1

Seun Ogunsakin finds a perfect angle with his backhand

IMG 20201011 WA0092

Here are the tournament’s Most Outstanding Players

IMG 20201011 WA0064

ITA Director, Godwin Kienka says “Thank you all”