Following a remarkable month of April in which she won her biggest career title at the ITF Junior Tennis Club de Megrine in Tunisia, and moved 118 places up the ITF Junior Rankings to be ranked 202, Quadre says she has no intention of slowing down and has set her sights on cracking the top 100.

As at Monday, 29 April, the 15-year-old shot up 26 places to be ranked inside the top-200 at 176, after her quarterfinal finish at the clay-court Grade 2 event in Tlemcen, Algeria last week. That currently makes her the 2nd highest-ranked player in Africa on the ITF Junior Rankings, just behind 18-year-old Sada Nahimana of Burundi.

“Yes, I am feeling very fly,” said Quadre on being ranked inside the top-200. “But I know that I still need to do more. I need to work harder, because everyone is winning matches everyday. So, if I don’t want to lose my ranking, I am going to have to step up.”

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Quadre won the biggest title of her career yet at the ITF Junior Tennis Club de Megrine in Megrine, Tunisia, this month. She poses with the trophy alongside two officials.

Earlier in the season, her goal was to move up 150 places by the end of the year. She has now achieved that with the year end still a long way off. Well, she has set another.

“And that is to be top 100 by the end of the year,” she said.

Quadre is currently at the HIgh Performance Centre in Casablanca, Morocco, developing her talent. She reveals that while her feat isn’t a record at the Centre, she’s received great words from the coaches there.

“The number one in Africa is actually my roommate, so all these achievements are amazing but not new in our center,” she said. “But I received a lot of good speech from our coaches.”