For 17-year-old Oyinlomo Quadre, 2019 was the best year ever. Having won all national tournaments and reaching the Quarterfinals of the 2019 Lagos Open, her rankings rose, both at the national and international level.

By February of 2020, she was ranked 128 on the ITF Junior Rankings, a career-high for her. Currently ranked at number 143 by the ITF(as at 16th November, 2020), Quadre came into this year, hoping to get herself into the Top 100 of the ITF Junior Rankings.

“Its very depressing sometimes,” she said about her not being able to work on that goal. “Because my goal was already to be top 100 this year in the juniors and be playing junior slams. The only thing that keeps me going is positivity and my family.”

Although the year has been up and down, she’s been trying to stay positive, she revealed.

“I’ve been trying to stay positive as much as I can, that’s the only thing I can do. I also try to remind myself that everyone is in the same situation, [though] some have better chances than me. There are a lot of players playing right now trying to improve their rankings but I can’t because I have to work with the schedule from the centre, of which I have nothing in my schedule for now.”

While it’s quite evident that her goal of ranking in the Top 100 this year might be far-fetched at the moment, Quadre has her eyes on other achievable things.

“I have to postpone the [top 100] goal and change it a little bit, I can’t really waste a lot of time. So next year, I plan to play in the Junior Slams. Of course, I have to first improve my rankings, but my main goal is on the WTA circuit.”

“So I’ve been trying to get a sponsor because if I have to play WTA tournaments its going to be different from the center’s schedule which is going to cost a lot of money.”

Quadre also revealed that she’s been communicating with her coaches and friends at the ITF Centre in Morocco.

“I try to talk to my coaches almost every week,” she revealed “because when some things changes in my technique, they tell me something I can do, then I try to work it out with my coach here, Coach Abel Ubiebi.”

“And most of my friends are transiting already but most people are going through college Tennis,” she added.

Oyinlomo Quadre is currently the highest ranked Nigerian, according to the Women’s Tennis Association rankings as at 13th November, 2020.