Onyeka Mbanu is a renowned and respected Tennis player, reputed to be the first junior player to reach the semifinals of the CBN Senior Championship, back in 2011.

While he hasn’t been active on the Nigerian Tennis scene for a couple years now, he has been keeping busy, trying to make a life for himself outside his home country, Nigeria.

“I left because I wanted better for myself,” he said about leaving Nigeria two years ago. “I wanted better for my mental health, for a better life basically and I left Nigeria two years ago.”

Although Mbanu is an active Tennis player and he’s played in various tournaments outside Nigeria, he has a quite different job in the United Arab Emirates, one of the places he’s based overseas.

“I’ve been working, I’ve been doing a little coaching here in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), I’ve been working as a professional coach,” he revealed.

Onyeka Mbanu reveals what he has been up to recently

Onyeka Mbanu(2nd from left) with some of the kids he coaches.

Onyeka Mbanu have had a degree of success in his career, since his departure, and with things going so well, he doesn’t plan on coming back to the country where it all started for him anytime soon.

“I plan on coming back to stay for a couple of weeks and return back to work and my business. I don’t plan on staying permanently because there’s literally nothing for me in Nigeria anymore.

“I’ve spent a couple of years and it wasn’t really pleasant for me. I’d return just to visit my family; I lost my mum last month, may her soul rest in peace, [and] I’d definitely want to see my cousins, brothers and sisters.”

While 2020 is already over, the 26-year-old looks forward to a successful 2021, and he tells us about his plans for the future, where he’d be next year and exactly what he’d be doing.

“I’d be playing high level club Tennis in Europe, in one of the best clubs in Holland and Germany. So yeah, 2021 is looking exciting as well. Hopefully, I pray everything works out.

“I’m just waiting for 2020 to run out already. It feels like 420 days in one year and we can’t get enough of it. I’m done personally with 2020.”

The second part of our interview with Onyeka Mbanu will drop on Friday, in it he discusses about his success in tournaments in Ghana and his short term goals. Stay tuned!