The Lagos Open is currently under way at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan.

Players from all over the world are competing for a share of the $25,000 (N9,000,000) in prize-money in each leg, but just how much will the champions pocket?

The men and women singles winner will receive a cheque of N1,080,000 ($3,000), while the losing finalists pocket N612,000 ($1,700).

Semifinalists will get N396,000 ($1,100), while quarterfinalists will receive N252,000 ($700) each. Players who suffer first round exits will earn N108,000 ($300), while the second rounders will pocket N180,000 ($500).

In the doubles event, the winners will get N432,000 ($1,200) while the runner-up gets N252,000 ($700).

N288,000 ($800) will be split between semifinalists, and the same amount will be shared amongst quarterfinalists. Second rounders, too, will share N288,000.

For the qualifying, players who make it past the first round get N25,200 ($70) each, while second round winners receive N48,600 ($135) each.

The men and women categories had a prize-money of $25,000 each for the first week. It’s also the same amount for the second week, which brings the total prize-money pot for the Lagos Open to $100,000.

Conversion rate used was 360 Nigerian Naira to 1 US Dollar