The finals in the singles and doubles event were played on Monday and the qualifying event for the second leg also began same day.

As always, we’ve got the best pictures for your viewing pleasure. Photo credit: Chris Onah

IMG 20191014 WA0028

Sada Nahimana in action.

IMG 20191014 WA0041

IMG 20191014 WA0025

Laura Pigossi in action against Sada Nahimana

IMG 20191014 WA0034

Nahimana celebrates her victory.

IMG 20191014 WA0076

Nahimana receives the women’s singles trophy.

IMG 20191014 WA0077

Nahimana kisses her trophy.

IMG 20191014 WA0052

Laura Pigossi receiving her runner-up trophy.

IMG 20191014 WA0078

Nahimana and Laura Pigossi with their trophies

IMG 20191014 WA0044

Calvin Hemery (L) and Aldin Setkic with the umpire just before the men’s singles final.

IMG 20191014 WA0069

Hemery receives the men’s singles trophy.

IMG 20191014 WA0060

Aldin Setkic and Hemery with their trophies

IMG 20191014 WA0030

Calvin Hemery poses with his trophy

IMG 20191014 WA0055

Aziz Dougaz and Skander Mansouri in action against Benjamin Lock and John Lock

IMG 20191014 WA0074

Aziz Dougaz and Skander Mansouri (R)

IMG 20191014 WA0081

IMG 20191014 WA0068

IMG 20191014 WA0082

Winners, Mansouri and Dougaz (L) and runners-up, the Locks with their trophies.

IMG 20191014 WA0037

Mansouri and Dougaz

IMG 20191014 WA0054

Laura Pigossi and Rutuja Bhosale celebrate their doubles victory.

IMG 20191014 WA0064

IMG 20191014 WA0056

Laura Pigossi and Rutuja Bhosale receive their trophies

IMG 20191014 WA0062

Laura Pigossi, Rutuja Bhosale, and runners-up, Prarthana Thombare and Sandra Samir

IMG 20191014 WA0080

Sylvester Emmanuel in qualifying action.

IMG 20191014 WA0061