Plenty of action on Day 4 at the Lagos Open not just in the singles event but also in the doubles.

As usual, here are some of the best photos for your viewing pleasure. Photo credit: Chris Onah.

IMG 20191010 WA0025

Takanyi Garanganga and Sylvester Emmanuel (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0026

Garanganga and Emmanuel

IMG 20191010 WA0032

IMG 20191010 WA0024

French duo, Thomas Setodji and Gianni Mina (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0031

Mina and Setodji

IMG 20191010 WA0022

William Bushamuka and Aryan Goveas shake hands with Gianni Mina and Thomas Setodji (R) netside

IMG 20191010 WA0015

Lexie Stevens and Sada Nahimana (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0014

Nahimana and Stevens shake hands with Valeriya Strakhova and Tamara Curovic netside

IMG 20191010 WA0029

Umpire, Arinola Isa

IMG 20191010 WA0030

Sandra Samir and Prarthana Thombare (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0023

Frenchmen, Calvin Hemery and Tristan Meraut

IMG 20191010 WA0034

Lexie Stevens of the Netherlands

IMG 20191010 WA0021

Nika Kukharchuk and Fanny Ostlund (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0020

Kenyan duo, Kibet Yego and Kevin Cheruiyot (R)

IMG 20191010 WA0018

The Lock brothers, Courtney and Benjamin

IMG 20191010 WA0016

The Locks in action against Benjamin Fumi and Arnaud Sewanou