It was a rainy day in Onikan on Tuesday, and most matches had to be suspended due to the rain. However, the final round of qualifying matches in the men’s field were played and completed.

Here are some of the best pictures from the day: Photo credit: Chris Onah

IMG 20191008 WA0020

Nigeria’s Sylvester Emmanuel in action.

IMG 20191008 WA0015

Emmanuel Jebutu about to serve.

IMG 20191008 WA0025

Emmanuel Jebutu in action.

IMG 20191008 WA0023

Sylvester Emmanuel

IMG 20191008 173732

Rainfall on Centre Court

IMG 20191008 173641

A ball boy working hard to get the court dry.

IMG 20191008 WA0021

Yash Chaurasia of India in action

IMG 20191008 WA0017

America’s Dustin Goldenberg reacts during his match.

IMG 20191008 WA0014

Goldenberg reacts during his match.

IMG 20191008 WA0024

Umpire, Emeka Achusiogu

IMG 20191008 WA0019

Kevin Cheruiyot of Kenya in action.

IMG 20191008 WA0018

Cheruiyot reacts during his match.

IMG 20191008 WA0030

Kevin Cheruiyot

IMG 20191008 WA0012

Benjamin Fumi of Ghana in action.

IMG 20191008 WA0029

Nigeria’s Christian Paul in action.

IMG 20191008 WA0009

Christian Paul reacts

IMG 20191008 WA0010

Alexey Dubinin of Russia prepares to receive serve.

IMG 20191008 WA0013

Umpire, Aisha Hirse

IMG 20191008 WA0016

South Africa’s Iain Smith, the Head of Officiating in Africa.