Players, on Friday, competed for a place in the singles semifinal and the doubles final at the NTF International Junior Championships in Abuja.

Here are some of the top shots from the day’s play.

DSC 0520

Michael Osewa and Assil Boussayri during their doubles match

DSC 0504

Toyin Asogba (L) and Jade Haller during their doubles match.

DSC 0492

Marylove Edwards and Blanche Minet during their doubles match.

DSC 0432

Musa Mohammed in action.

DSC 0409

Joshua Aji in action.

DSC 0461

Musa Mohammed after his match win.

1573241819140 DSC 0049

Marylove Edwards in action.

DSC 0262

Jade Haller of Switzerland in action.

DSC 0277

Marylove Edwards celebrates during her match.

DSC 0283

Marylove Edwards and Jade Haller greet netside after their match.

DSC 0289

Fans applaud Marylove Edwards after the youngster’s victory.

DSC 0766

Emmanuel Jebutu in action.

DSC 0977


DSC 0225

Canice Abua in action.

DSC 0198

Canice Abua reacts during his match

DSC 0157

France’s Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona in action.

DSC 0965

Rebecca Ekpenyong all smiles after her match.

1573243702712 DSC 0962

Gabriel Friday in action.

DSC 0953

Gabriel Friday reacts during his match.

DSC 0061

Gabriel Friday celebrates his victory.