Day 4 of the NTF International Junior Championships was full of activity in both the singles and doubles.

Here are some of the top shots for your viewing pleasure.

1573157551465 DSC 0986

Abayomi Philips in action.

DSC 0670

Marylove Edwards in action.

DSC 0712

Oiza Yakubu in action.

DSC 0189

Blanche Minet and Marylove Edwards during their doubles match

DSC 0940

Gabriel Friday in action.

DSC 0960

France’s Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona all smiles after her match.

DSC 0931

Jesutoyosi Adeusi (L) and Marylove Edwards

DSC 0927

Michael Emmanuel hits a return.

1573162361136 DSC 0917

Michael Osewa in action.

DSC 0908

Musa Mohammed in action.

DSC 0881

Austria’s Morenikeji Durowoju in action.

DSC 0875

Rebecca Ekpenyong in action.

DSC 0636

Marylove Edwards

DSC 0569

Omolade Aderemi and Rebecca Ekpenyong shake hands with Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona and Morenikeji Durowoju after their doubles contest.

DSC 0827

Wilson Igbinovia in action.

DSC 0744

Morocco’s Assil Boussayri in action.

DSC 0476

Serena Teluwo

DSC 0396

Switzerland’s Jade Haller in action.

DSC 0367

Ivory Coast’s Blanche Minet in action.

DSC 0263

Omolayo Bamidele in action.

DSC 0222

David Dawariye reacts during his match.

DSC 0107

Naa McKorley of Ghana reacts during her match.

DSC 0083

National coach, Rotimi Akinloye looks on.

1573163820247 DSC 0142

Michael Osewa and Assil Boussayri during their doubles match

DSC 0135

Spectators getting thrilled.