The singles semifinals and doubles finals took centre stage today at the National Tennis Centre, Abuja.

Here are some of the best pictures from the day’s play:

DSC 0022

Musa Mohammed in action.

1573927625632 DSC 0007

Emmanuel Jebutu in action.

DSC 0204

Emmanuel Jebutu reacts during his match.

DSC 0213

Musa Mohammed and Emmanuel Jebutu share a moment at the net after their match.

DSC 0089

Wilson Igbinovia in action.

DSC 0506


1573927624924 DSC 0148

Marylove Edwards and Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona shake hands at the net

1573927623387 DSC 0317

Marylove Edwards in action.

DSC 0182

Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona in action.

DSC 0230

Oyinlomo Quadre (L) and Blanche Minet of Ivory Coast greet at the net

DSC 0341

Oyinlomo Quadre after her match win.

1573928045953 DSC 0569

L-R: Oyinlomo Quadre, Marylove Edwards and Omolayo Bamidele and Jesutoyosi Adeusi before their doubles final match.

DSC 0517

Marylove Edwards and Oyinlomo Quadre in doubles action.

DSC 0550

Oyinlomo Quadre in action.

DSC 0543

Marylove Edwards and Oyinlomo Quadre during their doubles match.

DSC 0563

Oyinlomo Quadre, Marylove Edwards, Omolayo Bamidele and Jesutoyosi Adeusi greet at the net.

DSC 0581

Marylove Edwards and Oyinlomo Quadre after their doubles victory.

DSC 0362

Gabriel Friday and Assil Boussayri react during their doubles match.