The best shots from Friday’s action at the NTF International Junior Championships for your viewing pleasure.

1573836512447 DSC 0967

Oyinlomo Quadre in action.

DSC 0658

Jade Haller hits a return.

1573836508392 DSC 0798

Oyinlomo Quadre in action

DSC 0808

Jade Haller in action.

DSC 09812

Jade Haller during a break

DSC 0750

Marylove Edwards in action.

DSC 0797

School kids getting thrilled.

DSC 0778

Marylove Edwards in action.

DSC 0389

Joshua Aji in action.

1573836467957 DSC 0451

Joshua Aji reacts during his match

DSC 0342

Assil Boussayari in action.

1573836474491 DSC 0367

Musa Mohammed in action.

DSC 0576

Musa Mohammed and Assil Boussayri walk off court after their match.

DSC 0508

Canice Abua in action.

DSC 0477

Emmanuel Jebutu in action

DSC 0394

Wilson Igbinovia in action.

DSC 0560

David Dawariye reacts after sustaining an injury to his knee.

DSC 0582

Abayomi Philips after his match win.

DSC 0837

Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona of France in action.

DSC 0631

Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona and Toyin Asogba shake hands at the net

DSC 0856

Toyin Asogba in action.

DSC 1086

Blanche Minet in action.

DSC 0611

Jesutoyosi Adeusi in action.

DSC 1108

Michael Osewa and Musa Sani in doubles action.

DSC 1133

Assil Boussayari and Gabriel Friday in doubles action.

DSC 1269

Oyinlomo Quadre and Marylove Edwards after their doubles victory.