Here are some of the best shots from Thursday’s action in both the singles and doubles event at the NTF International Junior Championships in Abuja.

DSC 0105

Oyinlomo Quadre and Omolayo Bamidele pose at the net

DSC 0932

Oyinlomo Quadre in action

DSC 0040

Omolayo Bamidele in action.

DSC 0012

Oyinlomo Quadre in action.

1573766052092 DSC 0107

Oyinlomo Quadre after her match win.

DSC 0714

Marylove Edwards in action.

1573766112899 DSC 0744

Marylove Edwards during her match.

DSC 0898

Marylove Edwards and Morenikeji Durowoju shake hands at the net

DSC 0916

David John and Abayomi Philips greet at the net.

DSC 0226

Abayomi Philips in action.

1573769004347 DSC 0225

David John in action.

DSC 0363

Canice Abua in action.

DSC 0001 2

Serena Teluwo and Oiza Yakubu (background) in doubles action.

DSC 0484

Michael Osewa in action.

DSC 0713 2

Charity Patrick and Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona with Marylove Edwards and Oyinlomo Quadre before their doubles match.

DSC 0685 2

Morenikeji Durowoju and Rebecca Ekpenyong shake hands at the net with Jesutoyosi Adeusi and Omolayo Bamidele (R)

DSC 0854 2

Jesutoyosi Adeusi (L) and Omolayo Bamidele  after their match.

DSC 0678 2

Assil Boussayari after his match.

DSC 0719

Morenikeji Durowoju in action

DSC 0798

Charity Patrick in action

DSC 0855

Jade Haller in action.

DSC 0865

Jade Haller and Mariam Salami in an embrace after their match

DSC 0843 2

Joy Samuel and Naomi Samuel shake hands with Naa Mckorley and Toyin Asogba

DSC 0133 2

Toyin Asogba and Ghana’s Naa McKorley (R) after their match.

1573800633251 DSC 0559

Gabriel Friday in action.

DSC 0253

Joshua Aji in action.

DSC 0445

Wilson Igbinovia during his match.

1573800610726 DSC 0377

Rubi Toba in action.

DSC 0256 2

Ivan Wularu reacts during his match.

1573800703919 DSC 0964

Suleiman Ibrahim in action.

DSC 0430 e1573768489994

Tournament referee, Henry Ubochi