Wednesday was action-packed. Enjoy some photo goodness from the day’s activities.

DSC 0317

Naa Mckorley of Ghana in action.

DSC 0364

Tosin Asogba and Naa Mckorley shake hands at the net

DSC 0076

Naomi Samuel in action.

DSC 0156

Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona in action

1573676224008 DSC 0280

Naomi Samuel and Iantsatiana Ratovondrahona shake hands at the net

1573676231319 DSC 0247

Joy Samuel plays a return.

1573676234801 DSC 0201

Blanche Minet in action

DSC 0618

Assil Boussayari in action

DSC 0649

Kumabo Kundams in action

DSC 0594 2

Oiza Yakubu all smiles after her match win

DSC 0775

Joshua Aji and Ivan Wularu

DSC 0431

Joshua Aji in action.

1573676185480 DSC 0671

Ivan Wularu in action.

DSC 0006

Desmond Ayaaba in action.

1573676149209 DSC 0993

Canice Abua in action.

DSC 0483

Suleiman Ibrahim in action.

DSC 0834

Bulus Bulus in action

DSC 0794

Rubi Toba in action.

DSC 0039

Ojo Fredrick in action.

1573676143489 DSC 0054

Friday Ismaila in action.

DSC 0549

Siddharth Tirupati during his match.

DSC 0897

David Dawariye and Siddharth Tirupati greet at the net

DSC 0901

David Dawariye after his match win

DSC 0656

Musa Sani in action

1573676165210 DSC 0854

Assil Boussayari in action.

DSC 0519

Habila Haggai in action.

DSC 0386

Wilson Igbinovia and David Dawariye reacts during their doubles match.

DSC 0548 2

Desmond Ayaaba, Musa Mohammed and Friday Ismaila and Kumabo Kundams all greet at the net.

DSC 0557 2

Musa Mohammed and Desmond Ayaaba strike a pose after their doubles match.

DSC 0558 2

David John and Abdulraheem Isa after their doubles match.

20191113 200618

Oyinlomo Quadre and Musa Mohammed strike a pose.