The 33rd edition of the Dala Hard Court Championship take centre stage at the Kano Club in Kano this week, with players from all over the country set to battle for supremacy and a share of the prize money that the tournament offers.

The prestigious event has a total prize money pot of N7,100,000, which will be shared amongst players in the men’s and women’s singles as well as the men’s doubles.

For the men’s singles, the winner will receive a cheque of N1,000,000, while the losing finalist pockets N500,000.

Semifinalists will get N250,000, while quarterfinalists will receive N125,000 each. Players who suffer first round exits will earn N31,250, while the second rounders will pocket N62,500.

In the men’s doubles event, the winners will get N300,000 each, while the runners-up get N150,000. N75,000 will go to each semi-finalist, while quarter-finalists will each receive N37,500. First round losers will take home N18,750 each.

For the women’s singles, the champion will get N600,000, while half that amount goes to the runner-up. Reaching the semifinals gets you N150,000, while N75,000 goes to each quarter-finalist. First round losers will get N37,500 each.

Main draw action at the Dala Hard Court is live from Monday, 18 November to Saturday, 23 November, at the Kano Club in Kano.