Following the conclusion of the 2-day coaching workshop organized by the Nigeria Tennis Federation’s Coaches Education Programme at the National Tennis Centre, Abuja, Coach Emmanuel Ezeh, who was a participant, has described the event as the most interesting thing he’s seen about a program in Nigerian tennis.

“That was the most interesting thing I have seen about Nigerian Tennis Program,” Coach Ezeh, who came from Anambra State, said. “This is the first time we are coming together, the trainers of the players talk together to know our difficulties and our strong points and the way to move forward.”

“As a private coach that has nothing to do with government, it is an opportunity to know more and interact with the diverse coaches,” he added.

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Coach Emmanuel Ezeh and Coach Akinwumi Ogunsakin (R) share a moment during the 2-day workshop.

As well as the great hospitality during the workshop, which included at least 2 meals per day, Coach Ezeh also noted the interaction between other coaches, who came from different states in Nigeria, and the foreign visiting coach, Luis De Sousa, alongside the licensing of coaches, which will be of immense benefit.

“The interaction with other coaches and the foreign visiting coach, Mr Luis De Sousa,” he said, when asked of the biggest things he benefitted from the program.

“He [Luis De Sousa] gave us his own side of the coin, because coaching is an environmental issue. The licensing of coaches will be the hallmark, so we don’t have untrained people at the club and courts trying to teach what they don’t know. Everybody now has to be licensed and trained.”

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Coaches with their certificates of participation.

The Coaches Education Programme is a scheme that teaches coaches of different levels the basic information necessary to bring out the best from a player. There are different levels (Club Coach, Regional Coach or National Coach) in the CEP with separate subjects to be done under each level and with specified hours of learning for each subject.

Coaches who successfully complete courses under the NTF Coaches Education Programme are awarded a certificate to enable them work as coaches within and outside the country

The recently-concluded 2-day course at the National Tennis Centre, Abuja, was a technical workshop to inform, prepare and educate the coaches mind as to what the CEP is all about