The total prize money on offer at one of the most prestigious Tennis Championships in Nigeria, CBN Senior Open Tennis Championship has been released. Winners of the 2020 tournament will get N2,340,000 which is around 18% of the total prize money.

Men and Women will receive the same amount of prize money just like last year. Each of the men’s and women’s singles winner will pocket N700,000. The losing finalist in each singles category will receive N350,000.

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2019 Women’s singles Champion, who won N700,000

The semifinalists in the men’s singles category will take home N200,000 each, while the Quarterfinalists will receive N100,000 each. The third rounders will get N75,000 while the second rounders will pocket N50,000 each and the players who suffer first round exits will get N35,000.

Semifinalists in the women’s singles category will pocket N200,000 each, while Quarterfinalists get N100,000 each. The second rounders will receive N50,000 each while the players who suffered first round exits will pocket N35,000 each.

The winners of the doubles category will take home N110,000 each while the losing finalists in both doubles category will receive N75,000 each.

In the men’s doubles, semifinalists will receive N45,000 each, while the quarterfinalists gets to pocket N30,000 each. The players who suffered second round exit will get N15,000, while first round losers receive N10,000 each.

In the doubles event for the women’s category, the semifinalists will receive N45,000 each while N30,000 go to the Quarterfinalists. Second round losers will take home N15,000 while the first round losers will receive N10,000 each.

The wheelchair men’s and women’s singles will also see the winners take home N250,000 is each while the Runners-up will pocket N200,000 each. The semifinalists of each categories will get N150,000 each, while the Quarterfinalists will receive N100,000 and the first round losers will go home with N45,000 each.

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2019 Men’s Wheelchair Singles Winner, Alex Adewale

The hard-court tournament is expected to serve off in Abuja on November 6 through to 14.