Nigerian players converge in Lagos to compete for glory and riches at the Rainoil Open Tennis Championship.

The prize money for this 3rd edition stands at N5.1million, with the money to be shared amongst the men’s and women’s singles and doubles competitors.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize money pot:

The winner of the men’s singles nets N500,000, while N400,000 will go to the women’s singles champion. First round losers in both categories pocket N10,000 each.

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Last year’s women’s singles champion, Blessing Samuel

The men’s singles runner-up will take home N250,000, while semi-finalists each get N120,000. Half that amount will go to each quarter-finalist, while players who lose in the third round receive N30,000 each. Second round losers will get N20,000.

The same N20,000 will be given to second round losers in the women’s singles category, which has a main draw size of 32, while each quarter-finalist get N50,000. Semifinalists will pocket N100,000, while the runner-up here gets N200,000.

For the men’s doubles, the winner gets N250,000, while the runner-up pockets N120,000. Semifinalists get N60,000 and N30,000 will go to quarter-finalists. Second round losers and first round losers will receive N20,000 and N15,000, respectively.

In the women’s doubles, the winner and beaten finalist will get N200,000 and N120,000, respectively, while semi-finalists receive N60,000. It’s N25,000 for those who finish as quarter-finalists and N15,000 for first round losers.

The men’s singles main draw has a size of 64; the women’s, 32. For the doubles event, the men’s draw has a size of 32, while the women’s draw has a size of 16.

Main draw action serves off on Monday, 2 December, at the Lagos Country Club in Ikeja.